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Little brothers
Nazwa polska: brak
Nazwa oryginalna: Little Brothers
Wykonawcy Robcio i Kent
Odcinek: Little Brother
Little Brothers to piosenka śpiewana w odcinku "Little Brother" przez Robcia i Kent'a.


Robcio: (mówiony):

Dang, having a brother around looks kind of fun.
Where are you, Little brother?
Are you happy or do you feel weird?
Have you changed a lot or not?
Are you ever going to come back here?
I shouldn't have been so hasty
You were just a little baby.
Or maybe you weren't.
I'm not really sure how little brother work.
You were the first friend, I ever had.

Robcio i Kent:

No one can compare,
together we could probably fight a bear.
So if you're ever sad 'slash' lonely.
Don't be. Cause I'll be.
Right here nex t to you,
cause that's what little brothers are suppose to do.


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