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Clip from the second "Adventure Time" Fionna and Cake Special episode "Bad Little Boy" provided by Cartoon Network to promote Donald Glover (Community, Childish Gambino) as Marshall Lee the Vampire King. This episode debuted 2/18 at 7:30pm ET and PT on Cartoon Network.

This clip was part of a Cartoon Network press kit that they issued me to promote the February 19th release of the next Adventure Time DVD compilation "Fionna and Cake" and is uploaded and used with permission.


Marshall Lee: Good little girl, Always picking a fight with me. You know that I'm bad, But you're spending the night with me. What... do you want... from my world? You're a good little girl.

Fionna: Bad little boy. That's what you're acting like. I really don't buy, That you're that kind of guy. And... if you are... Why do you want to hang out with me?

Marshall Lee: Don't you know I'm a villain? Every night, I'm out killing Sending everyone running like children? I know why you're mad at me, I got demon eyes... and they're looking right through your anatomy, Into your deepest fears. Baby I'm not from here, I'm from the nightosphere, to me you're clear... transparent, You got a thing for me girl, it's apparent.

(Not featured in the clip as it's supposed to focus on Marshall Lee) Cake: Oh oh, I got a hot potato And I got two hot tomatoes. Well, they'll make a good sauce maybe, So I'll shake my bottle, baby. I'll shake it and shake it And shake it and shake it And shake it all over the table... the table For as long as I am able. La da da da da, Da da da da da da da da da da, Da da da da da da.

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